Dear CIMRO followers. With the support of international humanitarian and governmental agencies, CIMRO has been supporting field hospitals in Syria. One of the hospitals in the suburbs of Damascus has been hit by an air raid 2 days ago. Their only ambulance that serves the catchment area has been destroyed. The trauma victims since then have been carried on motorcycles to the functioning part of the hospital.

CIMRO is reaching out for donations to replace the destroyed ambulance.

CIMRO is a fully registered Canadian organization that cannot issue tax receipts based current Canadian CRA regulations.

We are still asking for donations for this life-saving cause. The need is great and urgent. Situation is extremely dire.

Thank you for your noble life-saving support

CIMRO is thrilled to participate in the Masters level certificate program at Harvard University.

CIMRO co-founder, Mark Cameron, will be participating in the 'Global Mental Health : Trauma and Recovery program'. As stated by Harvard University in CIMRO's acceptance into this world class program, "our Committee feels that your contribution will be essential in helping us develop this new field of global mental health".

CIMRO is thrilled to be involved with such an amazing team of academic leaders and is humbled to be chosen to contribute.

Mark will be detached from day to day duties with CIMRO for a short time period to participate in the program. Our goal is humanity for all, and mental health is a large piece of the necessary global response to crisis.

CIMRO is proud of you Mark.

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease”
William Osler

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CIMRO was established on October 09, 2013. It is a non profit organization for medical educational and medical relief in disaster zones globally. CIMRO is not affiliated with any political or religious groups and is strictly medical and humanitarian. 

  • Introduction of Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) in Syria
  • Oxygen tubing project at field hospitals in Syria
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) in Guyana
  • Winter clothing drives protecting kids in Syria from hypothermia of the harsh winters

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Our current Syrian crew consisting of Dr. Khaled Almilaji and Dr. Ahmad Shayyah spearheaded and led the team that successfully vaccinated 1.4M Syrian kids within 1 year, when they were with the ACU, preventing the resurgence of Polio in war torn Syria from 2013-2014

Our credibility speaks volumes. Major Canadian News Media continue to interview and cover CIMRO stories due to our transparency. As humanly possible, we try to maintain impartiality with our stories.

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  • Introduction of Intraosseous needles in Syria
  • Introduction of King LT Airways in Syria
  • Introduction of Tranexamic Acid (TXA) IV in Syria
  • Introduction of V-scan in Syria

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CIMRO is currently waiting for its charitable status. As such we welcome donations but are unable to provide a tax receipt at this point in time. Thank you for your generous donation.